Marlin 27S safety

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Marlin 27S safety

Post by hobbs » Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:04 am

How is the safety supposed to work? When I move the button to the rear it is spring loaded and just returns to its original spot. Nothing seems to happen. Should the hammer be lowered while holding the button to the rear?
Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Re: Marlin 27S safety

Post by Regnier (gunrunner) » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:04 pm


The button on the side of the Model 27-S receiver is not a safety as you would tend to think. The button is an action release system whereas the action is supposed to be able to be opened without having to let the hammer down on the firing pin. The safety on a Model 27-S is in the hammer that has a notch at the half-cock position.
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