Help with determining old model 93

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Help with determining old model 93

Post by mountedcav » Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:34 am

My Dad pasted on his old Marlin can you help with age its Marlin Model 93 top of tang with 2 open screw holes an bottom with S# C1741 Marlin Safety on upper receiver barrel marked 30-30 by breach special smokeless steal a little fwd on left side The Marlin Firearms Corporation New Heaven Conn. USA patented mid barrel Thanks !!!!

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Re: Help with determining old model 93

Post by Regnier (gunrunner) » Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:35 pm


This one is a little harder to determine when it was made. The Model '93 marking was first used in 1921 and continued up to 1935.
Because it has a letter serial number prefix, and the Corporation marked barrel, it may be a combination of parts from the company that existed from 1921 to 1924 and the company that took over in 1924.
A approximate date would probably be in the 1925 time frame. Then again, it could be a late Corporation (1921 to 1924) may have started using letter prefixes late in the 1924 year.
There are no records past 1906 but we can estimate fairly closely when guns made after that date were made, but, for the most part, the guns made after 1921 can only be guessed at.
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