Marlin Model 9 “Camp 9” no trigger return spring

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Marlin Model 9 “Camp 9” no trigger return spring

Post by Jdcoo20 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:08 pm

Hello, I purchased a marlin mod 9 at a show and after firing one magazine things went south. I ended up replacing the buffer and purchasing a new hammer strut and hammer strut bridge. The old bridge had a tab break off. The old tab also appears to manually reset the trigger.

So my question is, why cant I find any other information about a mod. 9 with a manual trigger reset. I see where the spring should go but there is no place for a pin to retain this spring. I tried just putting the gun back together by stacking a new bridge and the old bridge but this creates a trigger pull so heavy that I would be best just throwing the rifle as a spear.

If anyone can give me any information that would be great.

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