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Who can appraise a Model 1893 in 25-36?

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:56 pm
by GoodOlePaul
My brother left me a Marlin Model 1893 in 25-36. I always felt I should hold it for his grandkids, but they now seem to have no interest in firearms or shooting. However, one of his grandkids needs help with his college loans, and I need space in my safe, so I'd like to sell this gun to someone who can appreciate it and treat it like the classic it is, and who can also be sure it never gets loaded with the wrong ammo.

Does anyone know of someone in the Tampa area who can look it over and give a good estimate of its value? Also, my brother left me an ammo can full of 25-36 ammo in original boxes. I guess I should get that appraised, too.