For Sale - Marlin 1895 .38-56 manufactured 1903

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For Sale - Marlin 1895 .38-56 manufactured 1903

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I obtained this Marlin 1895 in .38-56 from a relative's estate. Serial number 1382**. Cody Firearms Museum letter indicates 1903 manufacture date. I had it cleaned and inspected by a trusted gunsmith who indicated it was in excellent condition mechanically. The stock has no cracked or major scratches. No rust! Barrel and rifling are clean and in good condition. It has an adjustable tang peep sight installed. Most all case hardening is gone but the barrel retains some blueing. The only flaw is someone put a 'bead' of soldier on the front sight.

Asking $3500 - let me know if I'm way out of the ballpark with this number since it is very difficult to obtain estimated values on these.

See for pictures

Will ship to C&R or FFL.
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Re: For Sale - Marlin 1895 .38-56 manufactured 1903

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It is a standard 1895 rifle, as you describe most CC on frame gone, I think it over priced. You should take better pics! It would get more bids with nice clear pics
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