Trapper carbine

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Trapper carbine

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Anyone have a guesstimate as to value on the model 93 15" trapper carbine listed in Brophy's book on page 207?
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Re: Trapper carbine

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This Marlin Model '93 short barrel carbine ( Marlin did not advertise them with the Winchester designation "Trapper") was made after 1921, which means it is not an antique but a curio and relic. As a curio and relic, it must be cleared by the BATF&E. Does it have all the proper BATF&E paperwork and been cleared as legal? Without it, it is a crap shoot as to whether or not it is factory original and legal to own.
The photos in the Brophy book really do not show the overall condition to judge or estimate a value. The wood looks pretty smooth, meaning it may have been refinished at some time. Hard to tell from those photos.
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