Hammer Spur for early 50s 336

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St. Paulite

Hammer Spur for early 50s 336

Post by St. Paulite »

Does anyone know what hammer spur to use for an early 50s 336? The Uncle Mike's for 1957 etc. doesn't seem to fit. The hammer on the early ones seem to have a short extension, with serrations. Thanks.
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Re: Hammer Spur for early 50s 336

Post by sneekpete »

The correct hammer spur for your 1950's Marlin 336 is the first variation. It has a "JM" in an oval on the top, with serrations where your thumb goes. There were 5 variations made over the years... any will fit except variation 5 which looks like the Uncle Mikes that you have. The hammer of Model 336's were made wider in 1982, and the early spurs won't fit. Hope this helps...
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