Model 80 Date

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Model 80 Date

Post by beanpole »


I have a Marlin Model 80 that I bought from a high school classmate in 1967 that I am trying to determine the year of manufacture, more or less. The barrel is marked "Model 80 - Micro-Groove Barrel". The receiver is grooved for scope mount and also is drilled and tapped for a peep sight but there was not any peep mounted. The rear sight is stamped sheet metal and the front has a gold bead. The rear of the receiver is beveled back at about 45 degrees and the rear of the bolt is beveled to match. The bolt has a stamped sheet metal extractor and there is a groove in the top of the bolt that intercepts a sheet metal tab on the barrel above the chamber. The stock is walnut with a monte carlo style comb and white line spacers under the butt plate and grip cap. There is a black and white bullseye inlet into the bottom of the butt. The fore end is slender and flattened on the bottom. The tip is nearly flat from side to side and slightly rounded top to bottom. The trigger guard is tear drop shaped, black-painted metal. There aren't any sling swivels

There is no serial number or date code stamped on the barrel so it is pre-1962, I think. The micro-groove barrel would be 1954 or later. Based on the other features can, you narrow down the probable manufacture date? Please let me know if there is anything else that needs to be described. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Model 80 Date

Post by Regnier (gunrunner) »


You have pretty much done your homework on the Marlin Model 80. The Micro-Groove rifling was used on all Marlin .22 caliber rifles after 1954 as you stated.
Marlin did not serialize many of their less expensive rifles prior to 1968 as it was not required. After passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968, all firearms were required to have serial numbers and records maintained. That is why your rifle does not have a serial number.
The Model 80 was first introduced in 1941. From the description of your rifle, it was made sometime between 1960 and when you purchased it in 1967. The Model 80 was then made up to 1971. In 1967, the Model 80 sold new for $39.95.
I am afraid this may be about as close as we can get at this time, I hope this helps.
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Re: Model 80 Date

Post by beanpole »

Thanks Regnier. I had been trolling the web looking for information and had only come up with the dates that I stated. There were some references to changes in the shape of the stock and rear of the receiver and bolt, but I couldn't determine when that happened. It is a neat little rifle. Both of my kids learned to shoot with it and my grandson is next in line.

Now I know why my dad was so mad when I bought it. I paid $50.00.

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Re: Model 80 Date

Post by jboyla »

I recently picked up a Marlin Model 80 with no serial number either. It has all the Marlin manufacturer information, but only a S-L-LR on it. There is no reference at all to a "Micro-Groove" barrel. Iron sights, the rear one is adjustable "stair stepper", my term for it. No rails or taps for a scope. Any idea when this one may have been made approximately?

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Re: Model 80 Date

Post by Rimfire »

I also just picked up a model 80. VG condition $70 Barrel marked, Marlin Firearms Model 80. New Haven , Conn. 22 S L LR
takedown nut is large knurled knob

Rifle did not have a magazine. Ordered a Marlin mfg. replacement which did not fit ,due to the magazine release arm retaining pin heads being too large to fully engage catch in rifle. Problem solved by simply VERY carefully filling pin heads until they fit thru the floor plate. Need to use fine small files .
Also touched up floor plate where pin heads touched floor plate. This requires a rat tail fine file . Used markers ink to determine contact points.
files are ones used by tool/die makers etc. Go VERY slowly. Now both magazines fit and function perfectly.
Contacted Marlin customer service about issue . They sent me a replacement magazine which was identical to the one I purchased on e-bay.
Good folks.
Also had problem with empty case not ejecting..was an easy fix
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