Marlin 1889 Barrel Length

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Marlin 1889 Barrel Length

Post by Timber49 »

I have a model 1889, ser. # 63803 that I ordered a factory letter for. The letter shows it to have a 30" octagon barrel. My gun measures 28" to the bolt face. It shows no evidence of being cut. Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Marlin 1889 Barrel Length

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Timber 49;

There are known factory records errors. But, it also possible that either the has been cut or replaced. What are the patent dates stamped on the barrel? Is your rifle the correct caliber to the letter? Check the distance from the muzzle to the center of the front sight dovetail to make sure it is correct ( often, cut barrels the distance is wrong )
Things to look at.........
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