.375 WCF

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.375 WCF

Post by bones964 »

can I use .38-55 WCF ammo in my Marlin Model 375?
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Re: .375 WCF

Post by marlinman93 »

Depends on the ammo. The .375 is slightly shorter case than original .38-55 Ballard ammo, so if it's ammo using the correct .38-55 length of 2.12" length cases, it wont fit in a .375's chamber designed for the 2.02" case length.
That said, most modern makers of ammunition have gone to the shorter 2.02" length on their .38-55 loads, so it will usually fit fine. But the .38-55 ammo also usually has a larger diameter bullet of around .380" so it may not shoot as accurate as .375 Win ammo loaded with the correct .375" bullet.
It will be much milder to shoot the .38-55 ammo as it's loaded to lower velocities and pressures.
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