Manufacturer dates

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Manufacturer dates

Post by Houseguy »

I have a Model 1892.
The serial # is 289707.
I’ve looked it up on a few sights but i don’t know if they are correct.
I believe the serial number says one year but the fact that it has ‘92 and not 1892 conflicts.
Maybe it was manufactured during the previous year but marked like the models for the following year.
Thank you for any help
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Re: Manufacturer dates

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The information on the serial number 289707 shows that it is a Model '92 in .22 caliber with a 24 inch octagon barrel, shipped in early 1905.
That late a Marlin will have the top of the receiver drilled and tapped for the Marlin-Hepburn receiver sight.
One thing to know about the Marlin records is that there were times that some guns remained in the warehouse longer than other models.
I checked on a Model 1895 recently, and there was as much as 3 years difference in ship dates for guns in the same area of the serial numbers.
So, the charts that are online are not always accurate to a particular rifle.
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