Marlin bolt action 22 rimfire unknown model

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Marlin bolt action 22 rimfire unknown model

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A recent widow has asked me to help her with her late husbands rifles. There are several but I will start with a bolt action Marlin 22 rimfire. She lives a long way from me so I don't have access to the rifles. The serial Number on this rifle is 21599456. Can you tell me a model number and value with just this information?
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Re: Marlin bolt action 22 rimfire unknown model

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By serial number, the rifle in question was made in 1979. Marlin made several different .22 caliber, bolt action rifles that year.
Most of them in the 780 series of guns. There was the Model 780, a clip fed bolt action rifle, the 781, a magazine tube fed bolt action rifle, the 782, a clip fed, .22 Magnum bolt action rifle and the 783, a magazine tube fed .22 Magnum bolt action rifle.
There was also the Glenfield Models 15, 20 and 25 rifles. The Model 15 was a single shot rifle, the Model 20 was a clip fed rifle that was a cheaper version of the older Model 80C, and the Model 25 was a clip fed bolt action rifle, a birch wood stocked version of the Model 780.
Value will depend upon the overall condition, and which model the rifle in question turns out to be. But for the most part, the .22 caliber bolt action rifles do not have a great deal of value, usually in the $150.00 or less range.
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