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Posting Pictures

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I will try and explain the process that I use.

Getting them onto the net

Alrighty, to get your photo's on the net you need a host. I'm going to use Photobucket as an example because that's the site I use
Login to your photobucket account.( If you don't have one you'll need to click the "Join now" link and make an account.

Once you have an account you will see a green upload click on that and then simply click on the browse buttons, (It will bring up another one of those "Browse for folder" type windows) go to your my documents where you have your photos stored and select your pictures one at a time.

When you have browsed to all your pictures, click the "UPLOAD" button. All of your pictures will the be uploaded onto photobucket and, when completed, they will all appear on your screen, click save .

Next you need the [img] code for the picture to post it here on Marlin Collectors site.

When you move your mouse over the photo there will be a drop down folder appear under the photo, right click on the bottom link [img] text will be highlighted. Right click on it and hit copy.

Now when you come back into the Marlin site window you can right click and hit "Paste". what it will paste is a line of text that looks like something like this:

[ img ] ... C0----.jpg [ /img ]

That's It!

Now when you submit your post there will be a photo in it!

If I've missed anything or if you have any problems that can't be solved with google drop me a PM and I'll help ya out.
Road King
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