Early Model 27-S Question, Date

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Early Model 27-S Question, Date

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This is my first post to this forum, best wishes to everyone! I recently acquired a Marlin 27-S in 90% ++ condition including the bright, shiny bore. The serial number is 20xx but the Marlin book I have is confusing about the numbering of the Model 27 and the Model 27-S, regarding manufacturing dates. What should I look for on the rifle to determine the date it was made or is there a list of serial numbers somewhere? By the way, the rifle is in 25-20 Win center fire and it has an octagon barrel, if this will help. Thank you.
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Re: Early Model 27-S Question, Date

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The 27-S is first described in the 1911 Marlin catalogs, but the internal changes that caused the "new" model designation from 27 to 27-S came about in 1910. The Model 27-S was made up to 1932. Guns made after 1922 will have the Marlin trademark bullseye in the toe of the stock. Otherwise, there is not a lot of ways to tell exactly when a particular Model 27-S was made.
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