Early model 94 ejector

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Early model 94 ejector

Post by Gilmc »

Hello everyone, thank you for taking th time to read this. Finally picked up my first lever action th other day!
Here's her story... serial # in front of trigger, & on inside of stock, 1174. There is a notch cut out between trigger & serial number too...heard there was a lug there when she was a musket. However, behind th hammer is stamped Marlin Model 94, as well as th infamous 6 pointed star proof. So I rekun she was converted to 44 40, with a rifled octagon barrel in th early 1900s ..maybe as late as 1920.
Only problem I've found is a broken ejector tang...
Now, Im a pretty good welder, but I dunno....
So th search began...out of stock everywhere lol.
And th pic Im seeing, doesnt look like a match anyway.
Any suggestion on which star I should wish upon to find an early 1900s ejector for a 44 40?
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Re: Early model 94 ejector

Post by marlinman93 »

Your gun is later than your guess. Most likely post 1920's to maybe 1924 I'd guess. These '94's with the old sling mount ground off were not rebarreled to any caliber. The receivers were left unassembled and since the muskets were intended to be the .44-40/.38-40 rim size, they all got one of those two barrels when they were built up after WWI. Because of the leftover groove in the triggerplate, these guns were sold at a discount. An attempt to save the Corporation by using up spare parts. The ejectors can be purchased at Wisners Gun Parts. Part #36-15.
Marlin lever actions 1870's-WWI, Ballards, and single shot rifles!
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