Model 93 24" Half Octagon A serial questions.

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Model 93 24" Half Octagon A serial questions.

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Hello All,

I have added my first early Marlin to my collection and have been researching it using the great information in forums such as this. I think I have most of the answers as to when it was made but one thing troubling me is the 24" half octagon barrel as it seems it should be 20".

The details of this gun are:
24" Half Octagon barrel with full length magazine

Roll marks all in the normal location:

PATENTED.OCT.11.1887.APRIL 2.1889. AUGUST 1.1893.

Special Smokeless Steel, (with diamonds on both ends)

.32 HPS



No star or bullseye

Serial under lever: A936

Straight with s shaped steel plate

Overall finish condition is 80% with case color still strong and wood with very little damage. CollectBility is dramatically impaired by four tapped holes for scope mounts, two on the top of the receiver (one right through the marlin safety roll mark!) and the other two on the barrel just in front of the caliber marking. The other detractor is sling mounts added to the underside of the stock and barrel lug.

So from all the research I've been doing it looks like an early 30's model except for the issue of the 24" barrel as everything I can find shows that they only did 20" in the 30s A serials. Does anyone know anything additional about this model? How much do the issues note above affect value and would it be worth restoring? Any questions? If I can figure out how to post pictures I'll gladly put them up.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies,

Edward Gardner
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Re: Model 93 24" Half Octagon A serial questions.

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At the time this gun was made, the Marlin Firearms Corporation would have been using any and all parts available to put guns together and get them out to the public. This apparently was a left-over half octagon 24 inch barrel that was put to use.
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