marlin model 27

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marlin model 27

Post by rtevendale »

I have inherited a marlin model 27 in 32-20. it is in good shape. I took it apart and cleaned it well. I plan on reloading it, my hornady manual says accurate #9 is okay which I have a bunch of for my glock 10mm. the barrel says "special smokeless powder." I talked to someone who does "cowboy shooting" last year and he told me if barrel says smokeless powder it should be okay. my hornady manual says they tested on marlin 94cl I think. does anybody else reload this cartridge for model 27 or 27s and is there anything I need know so I don't do something dangerous. I plan on using 100gr xtp hornady with accurate #9. any recipes are appreciated, thank you
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Re: marlin model 27

Post by Wishbone »

Follow the recipe in your reloading manual and you'll be fine. For these older firearms, I like to keep the loads towards the lighter side of published loads. I have been reloading for 35 years and have never had a problem.

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