No.32 standard 1875 - Gold Plated

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Re: No.32 standard 1875 - Gold Plated

Post by Regnier (gunrunner) » Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:24 am


Unfortunately, no we do not know. We do know that L. D. Nimschke did some engraving on Marlin pistols. Some of the later, Double Action Revolvers of 1887 look like C. F. Ulrich may have had a hand in the engraving of them. Many of the stamped elements Ulrich used in his engraving on the Ballards and lever action rifles he engraved are seen on the D.A. of 1887. And too, there are several different engravers that engraved Marlin pistols. Just looking at the difference in the engraving on some of the earlier Standard revolvers and comparing to the later guns shows that there was more than one engraving shop in use by Marlin. There are a number of "odd" engraved guns around too. It would appear that Marlin had different shops submit examples of their work to see the quality, and cost of the work. One of my engraved XXX Standards has the serial number stamped under the grips, and there is also a 125 engraved on the frame nearby. I suspect that this is a sample gun, and the engraving on that pistol cost $1.25. The engraving on this XXX Standard is very unique with coverage not seen on any other Marlin pistol. Apparently, John Marlin must have thought that the $1.25 was to high a cost to have this engraver do any more work.
Whoever the engraver was that did the work on this No. 32 Standard did a lot of work for Marlin. This is quite typical engraving on most of the Standard revolvers of the time. It would be nice to know the name of this engraver, but I am afraid that information is lost to history.
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