Marlin Foremost 6660 age?

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Marlin Foremost 6660 age?

Post by Becky » Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:44 am

My father recently gave the family gun safe (and contents) to me and I've been doing some research on the rifles in there; learning about the collection made me curious about the little .22 that I used growing up. I've looked around some and understand it's a Marlin 'Foremost 6660' model from JC Penny, with the squirrels on the stock and bolt you lock back by pushing. The serial number is 69214234.
I've had it at least 15 years myself (maybe longer...we moved from Canada to the US about then and don't remember if we brought guns along) and it still shoots like a dream. I'm mostly curious just how old it really is; I plan to have it for a long time yet (probably teach my own kids to shoot on it) and would love to know.
Also wondering about a repair or replacement part I'll likely need before too much longer -- the brass tube for the ammo under the barrel has a little retaining nub that's almost worn flat and I was wondering if there was a fix for that or where I might find a replacement?
And a bit of an odd question maybe; the rear site is kind of arrow shaped (looking down at the top of the barrel) and has a like a spine of bumps like a dinosaur or a dragon down the middle. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose as part of the sight (at least, now) so I'm curious why it's there? Is the odd saw blade-looking bit supposed to have some function, am I missing a bit (no blueing wear there at all, but maybe a windage adjust of some sort?), or just some weird decoration? There hasn't been anything there while I've owned the gun, but it has to have -some- reason for existance other than baffling me ;)

Thanks so much for your time and input, it will be really neat to know more about my beloved plinker!


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Re: Marlin Foremost 6660 age?

Post by Regnier (gunrunner) » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:01 am


You have done you homework on your little .22 caliber Marlin, semi-automatic rifle. TheFforemost Model 6660, made for JC Penny Company, is the same gun as the Marlin Model 60, so when looking for parts, look for Marlin Model 60. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation ( is a good place to start.
Your rifle, by the serial number was made in 1969.
As to the rear sight piece,that is the sight elevator. If you need to raise the rear sight, in order to shoot at a little longer range, you would slide the elevator back to raise the rear sight in order to raise the point of aim a little higher for the longer distance.
I hope this helps.
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