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Marlin 989 M2 for sale or trade

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:55 pm
by johnd
Carbine was purchased in NY City in 1968, literally the week before mandatory registration went into effect, so it has no serial number -- see old posts search under "989M2" by Reignier (sorry if misspelled) about weapons sold in or before 1968. I was 19 then, and shot weapon once that weekend, before all NYC ranges were wiped off map (other than for LEO's). It was my "apartment protect" arm, in closet, cleaned, oiled and cased, until 1)a Houston girlfriend took pity and bought me a Charter Arms .38 snub revolver in Texas, and 2)I moved to SC to retire in 2015. The Marlin stayed in the closet, the .38 in the bedside drawer, until I moved. I did a lot of shooting, and learned deer hunting, and learned to clean the "never fired" guns at least once a year, with Father-in-law in '80's in PA, with his huge number of weapons (his nickname at NE-PA hunting camp was "*beep*' Joe"). But I never took risk of taking either weapon with me to PA or even out of my apartment (in NY it would have meant Mandatory jail time, if my "law-breaking" had been discovered, even when it was in the closet).

Now that I live in America, instead of NY, I have a nice new *beep* at home. Weapon has been cleaned but only shot once, in 1968 (one 7 shot mag., less than a box of 22LR--I didn't get 2 mag's-- on the weekend before 1968 rule went into effect). I'm taking it to Range tomorrow, once again freshly cleaned/oiled, to show a collector buddy, and will probably shoot 7 rounds thru it just to test-fire, and will tell him about posts here (2003 or so post says "$100-$150." fair value). Given this history, the "American Walnut" stock/features look and feel new, the barrel looks pristine (I cleaned/Ballistol'd it anyway), as does the action. No manual, no original case (if it came in one? Maybe not, since I bought a rifle sleeve, and the store guy probably "saw me coming" anyway, 19 y.o., right before the deadline).

Any discussion will be appreciated and considered. (As an aside, I feel now like I did then, like a "deadline" for free people owning firearms seems possible, or God forbid, nearby). Molon Labe (that's one of my clubs' names here, Summerville, SC).

Re: Marlin 989 M2 for sale or trade

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:54 pm
by DesertDave2
Very interested, if you decide to sell it....Dave