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NEF 410

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I know a friend that has a 45-70 made by NEF.I have a 410.I think some Barrells are interchangeable.Where can I find info about this?
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Go to Marlin Firearms web page and check their H R Neff page.
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Re: NEF 410

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Go to
click on GBO Forums, then scroll down to NEF/H&R Talk. Under that section is a forum named Hunstman and Sidekick Muzzle Loaders. Very good people there who will help you. Read the "stickys" and FAQ. LOTS of info with knowledge! I copied this from a post I just completed. In brief, an SB1 frame can only be fitted with shotgun barrels, serial # prefix and year of mfg. determine whether they will fit any barrels. If memory serves me it must be after 1988. Any way go to the above site and start reading and asking, you will be pleased with the amount of help you will receive.
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