NEF handirifle shoot- 500 S&W magnum

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NEF handirifle shoot- 500 S&W magnum

Post by keysrat »

Traveled to Trail Glades Range this AM to shoot the new NEF Handirifle in
500 S&W caliber.
Rifle is overbuilt and strong. Fiber optic sights are excellent, allowing
rapid target acquisition with old eyes.
I was using the Hornady 500 grain flat point ammo. Accuracy was quite
good. I am pleased.
But, recoil was, err, stout. Forget your M44 MN carbines, your M95 Steyr
carbines, your Berthier carbines, your 12 gauge slug guns with magnum
rounds. I have shot them all, and though respectable recoil wise in their
own right, they do not compare.
I have fired worse recoiling rifles. But I did not expect this from a
"pistol caliber".
Anyone who shoots this in a handgun is completely mad.
I was tired of wild hogs trying to kill me after I had shot them. That
certainly will no longer be a problem.
I love this rifle.
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What does yours weigh? If you picked up the long barreled S&W 500 you would know why it has built in sling mounts.
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